Pearl Official Map Reveal - Valorant

Project done with We Are Royale. I contributed a few background paintings and some 3D Texturing. We did a similar approach to the Fracture trailer with converting ingame screenshots into handpainted-feeling background plates that can shift with our camera moves.


Client: Riot
Studio: We Are Royale
Creative Director: Jason Cook
CG Supervisor: Matt Guzzardo
Associate Creative Director: Eduardo Guisandes
Producer: Lara Wilinsky
Production Coordinator: Esther Hwang
Art Director: Ben Hurand
Animation Lead: Pat Clarke
Compositors: Tyrone Mackay, Michael Bogen, Jason Heinze
Concept Artists: Jodie Muir, Ryan Inzana, Ridell Apellanes
3D Artists: Alex Liou, Edgar Zavala, Foram Jani
Editor: Ryan Frey

July 12, 2023