HOUNDS OF IRON | Naafiri Cinematic - League of Legends

One of the last projects I worked on at We Are Royale. I contributed from start to finish from pitch deck to production with illustrations, concepting, background painting, 3D Texturing, and whatever odds and ends the team needed.

Client: Riot Games
Studio: We Are Royale
CCO, Co-Founder: Brien Holman
CEO, Co-Founder: Jennifer Lucero
Managing Director: Beck Henderer-Peña
Executive Creative Director: Loren Judah
Animation Supervisor: Pat Clarke
CG Supervisor: Matt Guzzardo
Art Director: Ben Hurand
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery
Director of Business Development: Heidi Netzley
Head of Production: Asheley Hu Roe
Senior Producer: Lisa Laubhan
Illustration and Design: Mariia Menshikova, Brandon Smith, Elleyce Pahang, Ridell Apellanes, Nikita Kibirev, Dylan Casano, Josh Childers, Ryan Brant
Animation/ Compositing: Jared Norby, Dylan Casano, Nikita Kibirev, Charlie Proctor, Foram Jani, Alex Maxwell, Pat Clarke
Editor: Isaac Ruth
Production Coordinator: Bernard Ellouk
Original Music Composer: Jason Walsh
Music producer: Kimberly Levin
Sound Mix/ Design: Sean Balas
Editor: Spencer Sturr

July 12, 2023